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AFC Richmond is a fictional English professional association football club based in Richmond upon Thames, London, featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. They currently compete in the Premier League, the first tier of the English football league system, following promotion in 2021.

The club was founded and played their first match 1897. During World War I, their home ground, Nelson Road Stadium was used as a field hospital.

The club was owned by Rupert Mannion until 2019, when his ex-wife Rebecca Welton seized ownership of the club after their divorce, which stemmed from Rupert being unfaithful to Rebecca, often with the help of the club’s Director of Football, Leslie Higgins. The club shares rivalries with fellow London-based clubs West Ham United F.C. and Crystal Palace F.C..

Events of Ted Lasso[]


Kukoč, Tyler Shannon, Thierry Zoreaux, O'Brien, Jack Dawkins, Declan Cockburn, Robbie Roberts, Coach Armada, Tommy Winchester, Paul Reynolds, Jan Maas, Richard Montlaur, Moe Bumbercatch, Kyle McCracken, Babatunde, Kas, Will Kitman, Jeff Goodman, Colin Hughes, Dani Rojas, Isaac McAdoo, Roy Kent, Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, Nathan Shelley, Jamie Tartt, Sam Obisanya, Arlo Dixon

When Rebecca sacked the previous manager, George Cartrick, she hired American football coach Ted Lasso and Coach Beard in the hopes that they’d underperform and send the club— Rupert’s “only love”— to the ground.

For the majority of the 2019-20 season, AFC Richmond had two star players: Jamie Tartt, who transferred back to Manchester City F.C. later in the season, and Roy Kent, a former Chelsea midfielder who would later retire and become a coach at Richmond. The club managed to win several matches with key additions such as Dani Rojas from Guadalajara, and Nathan Shelley, a former kit-man promoted to being a coach. Despite this, they were relegated to the Championship following a loss against Manchester City.

In the 2020-21 season, Jamie Tartt left Manchester City and rejoined AFC Richmond, and several players were replaced by new players, such as the Dutch Jan Maas. Isaac McAdoo was also promoted to team captain following Roy Kent’s retiring. During the season, the team lost their biggest sponsor, Dubai Air, after Sam Obisanya led a boycott against the company. The club’s main sponsor was replaced by Bantr, a dating app promoted by club consultant Keeley Jones. Their season in the Championship is very successful, Richmond securing a promotion following a tie against Brentford F.C., and making it to the FA Cup semifinal against Manchester City.

Following their promotion back to the Premier League, Nathan Shelley leaves Richmond, accepting a coaching position for West Ham United, staunch rivals of Richmond. They are projected to finish dead last in the 2021-22 Premier League, while West Ham is predicted to finish in eighth place, which outrages people at Richmond. In an attempt to one-up their rivals, Richmond signs superstar footballer Zava, initiating a winning streak that brung the club into the top four. Despite this, Zava quickly abandoned the club, and Ted Lasso announced that he would be retiring from managing the club, returning home to Kansas at the end of the season.

In the series finale, Nathan Shelley suddenly returns to Richmond as an assistant coach, leaving George Cartrick, former Richmond manager, to lead West Ham. With Ted Lasso’s departure, Roy Kent is promoted to Head Manager, while Rebecca Welton decides to sell 49% shares of the club to the fans, and together with Keeley Jones, both create plans to make a Richmond Women Football Club in the future. AFC Richmond’s history is unknown following the finale, although they play in the UEFA Champions League the following season after securing a spot in the top four.

Uniforms and Official Anthem[]

The Kits[]

Home kit:[]

  • Blue shirts with a red vertical band, with white shorts and yellow socks. Their crest consists of a dark blue shield with a double red outline along with a silhouette of a greyhound and the clubs establishment year, below is a yellow ribbon containing the club's name.
  • Dark blue shirts with the logo and their sponsor in the middle, with another white logo sponsor on their short sleeves. Their shorts are stripes as well.
  • Light blue sky jacket with the light blue sky shorts.

Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, Jamie Tartt, Moe Bumbercatch wears the third kit.

Away kit:[]

  • Orange shirts with orange shorts and orange socks.

Third kit:[]

  • Yellow shirts with the logo and their sponsor in the middle, and the dark blue color accents, similar with the color of their BELIEVE sign poster.

Richmond Official Anthem[]

Queen’s front man and singer Freddie Mercury briefly owned the fictional team in 1980- similar to how singer and pianist Elton John owned Watford F.C. across two spells, firstly between 1976 and 1990 and secondly between 1997 and 2002.

Mercury tried to make “Fat Bottomed Girls” the club song but it didn’t work out. Since then, the club doesn't have an official song. After that, the club adapted a short chant called "Richmond 'Till We Die" as their unofficial song and tries to make it work to support the team members by the fans.


Club Officials[]

Position Name
Owner Rebecca Welton
Director of Football Operations Leslie Higgins
Manager Roy Kent
Assistant Coach Coach Beard
Assistant Coach Nathan Shelley
Head of Mental Health and Emotional Being Sharon Fieldstone

Former Member Officials[]




Public Relations Department Joint (KBPR)[]

FIFA 23[]

Hqdefault live

The World’s Game FIFA 23 has included AFC Richmond as a part of their roster, available in several modes of the game alongside iconic clubs. The newest release of the annual FIFA series revealed AFC Richmond team as a playable group among the superstar legends of professional soccer.

The dynamic nature of Ted Lasso's albeit unpredictable style of coaching translates to unique team players can use throughout this newest edition of football simulation.

Behind The Scenes[]


The fictional club competed with other club at Mark Millsome Memorial Cup, where the players and actors have friendly match. The Memorial Cup is where actors and co-workers from many television shows competes for charity. The most well-known match was between Apple TV's Ted Lasso's cast and Netflix's Heart of Stone's cast.

The event aims to bring together film and TV industry cast and crew for a charity football match to raise money for and awareness of the Mark Milsome Foundation, a charity set up in honour of Mark Milsome, a British camera operator who was killed on set while filming a car stunt in 2017. The Foundation has two main aims — advocating for better health and safety practices on modern sets, and funding scholarships to support passionate young people who want to follow in Mark’s footsteps and break into the industry but who need help getting a foot in the door.

Consistent goal scoring took proceedings all the way to sudden death, where a miss by Ted Lasso actor David Elsendoorn (Jan Maas) paved the way for a triumphant victory for Heart of Stone team.


  • Despite already existing in the universe of Ted Lasso, AFC Richmond draws heavy inspiration from Crystal Palace F.C., with a similar color scheme in their design and kits. Furthermore, the club’s home ground, Nelson Road, is filmed at Selhurst Park, the home ground of Crystal Palace.