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"All Apologies" is the penultimate episode of season one of the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. It premiered on September 25, 2020.


After a series of mistakes on the pitch, pressure mounts to bench Roy. Rebecca finally reveals the truth to Ted.


Roy sits in a garbage can full of ice water. According to the news broadcast, he’s torturing himself with, Roy has lost his touch during the last few games. Ted finds him stewing and tells him to stop being so hard on himself. “You look like a brunette Oscar the Grouch.”

Rebecca is finishing up modeling for a spread in Football Financial Quarterly when Ted visits her with another batch of biscuits. He tells her she’s probably a role model for some little girls out there. She asks him how the team’s morale is doing heading into the final weekend — not great — just as Keeley enters.

Taking Rebecca aside into the cleats room, Keeley demands she tell Ted sooner than later. To Rebecca’s credit, she does recognize that Ted didn’t deserve anything she’s put him through, but she wonders what would be the point of telling him now, this late in the game. It wouldn’t change anything. “It would change how I feel about you,” Keeley responds.

During the latest round of press, Trent Crimm returns to ask Ted what he thinks of Roy’s recent bad games, especially as they head into their final match against Manchester City. Ted defends Roy and calls him the backbone of the team.

Coach Beard and Nate disagree. They think Ted needs to bench Roy for the final game because he’s showing his age. Ted refuses to do so, although he does value their opinions, even when they’re wrong.

Rebecca summons Ted to her office during their discussion and tries to tell him what she’s done, but she can’t quite bring herself to do it, so she asks Ted if they can try again later. Then Rupert comes by and tells Rebecca he and Bex are having a baby. The news shatters Rebecca, as, throughout their marriage, Rupert always told her he didn’t want children. Now, he does, because he’s “found the right person.” He came all the way down to her office to tell her in person so she wouldn’t have to find out from the press.

Rebecca finally tells Ted the truth and Ted forgives her. He understands how difficult divorce is and how it can make you do crazy things. Plus, the job has changed his life. It gave him the distance to see what was really going on with his family. Overwhelmed with emotion, Rebecca hugs him.

At practice, Ted gives the team a drill to practice starting and stopping — as being able to run and quickly change directions is vital to the game. Roy struggles to keep up, and both Beard and Nate give Ted the silent treatment until he realizes that. Ted meets with Roy later to discuss the possibility of benching him for the game against Man City, and Roy does not take it well. He calls Ted a liar who can’t keep true to his word since he previously promised he had Roy’s back.

Rebecca continues her apology tour by visiting Higgins. Rebecca apologizes to him for treating him so poorly during her childish scheming and promises she’s on her way back to her old self, which Higgins recognizes.

Elsewhere, Roy brings his niece Phoebe to Keeley’s house to hang out and tells her why he’s feeling so distressed about the game and potentially being benched. All he’s ever been is Roy Kent, the footballer. He’s worried that he’ll become a washed-up has-been and doesn’t want people to think of him that way.

Keeley has Phoebe list everything she thinks about her Uncle Roy: He’s funny, he swears a lot, he has a scratchy beard, and she loves him a lot. Not once does she mention his football career. Keeley says that proves that he doesn’t know what people think, and more importantly, all that matters is what Roy believes about himself.

Over beers at the local pub, Ted tells Beard he’s not going to bench Roy after all and gives him his reasoning about winning not mattering. That makes Beard snap for the first time all season. He tells Ted that winning does matter because they’re working with professional athletes, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a win. Plus, if they lose, they’ll get relegated, resulting in everything they built having been for nothing. Beyond that, Beard thinks if Ted is willing to let the team suffer because of one player’s feelings, then he doesn’t want to drink with a guy that selfish.

Ted gets drunk on all the pints left in front of him and nearly walks in front of a bus when Roy steps out and stops him. Ted invites Roy back to his place, where he apologizes for yelling at the coach earlier. Roy is getting benched, but Ted offers to tell people he’s injured and can’t play. It’s believable since he had an injury earlier in the season.

Ultimately, Ted wants Roy to attend the next practice and game, but it’ll be up to him to decide. The next day, Higgins is back, and Roy shows up to practice to support his team.

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