Ted Lasso Wiki

"Believe" was a word key to the "Lasso Way". It was meant to be a simple expression that AFC Richmond could use to pull themselves up from their middling position in the Premier League — and possibly even apply to their off-pitch lives.

Making a sign with the word and emplacing it above his office door in the Dogtrack's locker room was one of his first orders of business after arriving in Richmond upon Thames. Indeed, hanging it up straight was one of the first things over which he and Keeley bonded.

It was one of Ted's core tenets, and he was known to passionately rail against those who showed a lack of faith in his team. This was perhaps best exemplified when Nate, newly anointed as an assistant coach, informed Ted that he didn't think they could win against Man City. Riled to a point of near-anger, Ted roamed his house until he produced a smaller "Believe" poster from his bathroom, proving to both Nate and Coach Beard that belief was so important, it followed him to the bathroom.

Ultimately, the poster was shown to be a condensation of a larger phrase that Ted brought with him from America — "Do you believe in miracles?" — something that clearly applied to the underrated Greyhounds.