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"Believe" is a word key to the "Lasso Way" and featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. It is an expression that AFC Richmond use to pull themselves up from their middling position in the Premier League and apply to their off-pitch lives. It's also their motivational poster sign for their own everyday lives created by Ted Lasso, an American coach who train an English football club.



Making a sign with the word and emplacing it above the coaches' office door in the Dogtrack's locker room is one of Ted's first orders of business after arriving in Nelson Road Stadium. Ted tries to hang the poster straight but it crooked a little so Keeley Jones helps him and a friendship occurred between them as they bonded. Coach Beard seems already knew this mantra and he let his friend do his own thing.

It's one of Ted's core tenets, and he is known to passionately rail against those who shows a lack of faith in the team.

It exemplify when Nathan Shelley, newly anointed as an assistant coach, informs Ted that he doesn't think they could win against Manchester City F.C.. Riled to a point of near-anger, Ted roams his house until he produces a smaller "Believe" poster from his bathroom, proving to both Nate and Beard that belief is so important, it followed him to the bathroom.

Miracles and Hope[]


Ted shows a mini version of the "Believe" sign

The poster is shown to be a condensation of a larger phrase that Ted brought with him from America — "Do you believe in miracles?" — something that applied to the underrated Greyhounds.

After the news article from Trent Crimm about their coach's panic attack is published, Richmond captain Isaac McAdoo voices his opinion that they should hurt whoever the anonymous source who leaked the personal information was, which the rest of the team agrees, but Ted rather everyone focuses on their match against Brentford F.C. for a place back in the Premier League.

When the squad's morale is low after being beaten during the half-time, Isaac touches the "BELIEVE" sign on the wall, follows by the rest of the team members while the coaches including Roy Kent (minus Nate) and Will Kitman looks proudly. After their winning, Nate slid to the locker room and takes down the poster, ripping it in half, and drop it on Ted's desk.

Ted doesn't tell the team and the coaches that Nate ripped the sign poster in half, only discreetly taped back the poster and hang it on the wall above the office again.

It's Just A Sign[]


The team touch the "Believe" sign

When Zava joins Richmond, everyone is in awe to see the superstar player in the locker room. The Richmond players are now following Zava's lifestyle and meditating together in the middle of the locker room. But after they lost the first half match against West Ham United F.C., Beard and Roy show them a video of Nate ripping off the BELIEVE sign, which results them to anger and anarchy as the players starts to play dirty and chaotic in the match.

After their loss, Ted talks to them and rip the BELIEVE sign himself and tells the players that it's just a sign. They need to believe that they can do the best they can instead of depending on a piece of paper. Because 'Believe' is something that is coming from within, not from the outside.


Nate returns to Richmond, feeling inadequate, and staring at the empty wall where the poster used to hang, He apologizes to Ted for behaving the way he behave and both of them hugs. Ted never bear an ill will towards Nate, forgives him.

Believe In Yourself[]

Unbeknownst to Ted, the team players keeps the pieces of the ripped Believe poster for themselves. All the members put each piece within them for good luck. As Ted encourage the team when they are playing against West Ham, Sam Obisanya shows his coaches that they still have the pieces.

The players put together the pieces of the poster into whole again, while Nate looks in awe, Trent Crimm looks mesmerized, and Ted looks proud. The team able to beat the West Ham and the club manages get into the second position in the Premier League rank.