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Bex is a recurring character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. She is the new girlfriend later wife of Rupert Mannion, the former owner of AFC Richmond and the current owner of West Ham United F.C.. Her real name is Rebecca, but the media and Rupert calls her Bex.

During a press conference, Ernie Lounds, a reporter for The Sun asks Rebecca Welton, whom he wrongly refers to as "Rebecca Mannion", what her thoughts are on her husband seeing another woman who revealed to be Bex. She responds by saying that her ex-husband can see whoever he wants now they are not together. Ernie trying to bait her by mentioning that Rupert was already having an affair with the woman even when Rebecca was still married to him.

According to Keeley Jones, Rupert's new girlfriend is also named 'Rebecca', so the media dubbed her 'Bex' and called Rebecca as the 'old Rebecca'.

Bex attends the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children event that is hosted by AFC Richmond and Rebecca as Jamie Tartt's plus one, a fact that Keeley discover from Rebecca later on. The event is putting AFC Richmond players up for auction with the winner spending a night out with the player they won. Jamie is chosen as one of their star players to get auctioned, and immediately Cheryl Barnaby bid after him. Not willing to spend a night with her, he beg Keeley to bid for him.

What first considered to be a playful game for Keeley, it becomes a bidding competition between her and Bex. Bex bid for him with a large sum of money, and Keeley doesn't appreciate it, especially realizing that Jamie enjoys watching her gets jealous. Keeley eventually wins the bidding war, and Bex leaves the gala with Rupert.

Rebecca and Ted goes to the The Crown & Anchor to meet with The Milk Sisters; two minor shareholders for the club, but instead they are greeted by Rupert who already convinces the sisters to sold their shares to Bex, his new fiancée. She buys a 2.9% ownership stake in the team with Rupert’s money, much to Rebecca’s chagrin. Bex has Rupert's financial backing for this purchase; an attempt to gain back some control of the club from Rebecca.

Ted plays darts and bets that if he loses, Rupert can choose starting line up for the remaining two games of the season. But if Ted wins, Rupert and Bex can never be allowed in the owners box. Rupert agrees and is about to win, but Ted beats him on the last throw. Before Rupert leaves, he coos at Bex and tells her that she is his consolation prize.

A few weeks later, Rupert visits Rebecca in her office, announcing that Bex is pregnant. Shocked to hear the news, Rebecca is angry because back when they were married, she had to sacrifice her needs to have a family because he didn't want to have children. Rupert cruelly tells her that maybe the reason why he didn't want children is because he didn't want to have children with her.

During the match against Manchester City F.C., a pregnant Bex is wearing the AFC Richmond's jersey and watch the match with Rupert. Isaac McAdoo leads the team into using the 'Lasso Special' elaborate set-piece; the American Football strategy confuses the opposing team, and it gives Dani Rojas a chance to score a goal. Everyone is ecstatic including Rupert because the team fantastically scored a goal. Unfortunately, they lost the match and the club is relegated. Rupert is visibly upset when the team lost the match which prompts Bex to leave him alone with his thoughts.

When Rebecca's father died, Rupert and Bex with their new baby daughter come uninvited to the funeral, claiming that they want to pay some respect. Deborah greets the family in a friendly manner, which upsets Rebecca. After the funeral, Rupert thanked Rebecca and Deborah for their hospitality, even tells his ex-wife that she can have the remaining shares of the club as a gift, and the fact that his current wife is now busy with the baby.


When Rupert mention that Bex has a magic touch for calming the baby, she tells everyone that she doesn't have a magic touch, but she ate the placenta raw to bond with her baby.