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Crystal Palace F.C. are an English Premier League football club that feature in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. The game against Crystal Palace was the first game for AFC Richmond under Ted Lasso's leadership. Ted did not want to change the game plan the team had used earlier in the season against Palace as AFC Richmond had beaten them convincingly. However, this time around, the team lost to Palace 4-1.

The rivalry between the two was intensive enough to be characterised as a "Derby Day in London" by match announcer, Arlo White.

Behind the scenes[]

For American viewers, White's classification basically makes these two teams not just competitors but "arch-enemies" — like the Lakers vs. the Celtics, North Carolina vs. Duke, or the Red Sox vs. the Yankees. This is a crucial event, and one of the reasons Ted is absolutely excoriated by Richmondites after losing it so badly.

In addition, Crystal Palace's real-life home ground, Selhurst Park, served as a stand-in for AFC Richmond's fictional home ground, Nelson Road