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Dani Rojas is a main recurring character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso and a striker for AFC Richmond. He joined the club during the summer transfer window but was immediately injured which meant he could not play the start of the season. When he is eventually fit to play, Ted Lasso brings him in to training and realised that he is very good much to the dismay of Jamie Tartt.

He usually hang out with other players such as Thierry Zoreaux, Richard Montlaur, Sam Obisanya, Colin Hughes, and Jan Maas. He is an enthusiastic man and usually gets along with other team members and even participates in group activities such as karaoke and dancing in clubs. He even has his own chant that is based to the song of "Give It Up" by KC & The Sunshine Band, which he often sings loudly whenever he enters the field.

Ted mentions that Dani reminds him of a Golden Retriever because of his enthusiasm.

Dani's motto is "Football is life."

Rivalry with Jamie[]

Using a cards analogy, Ted Lasso rations to Coach Beard that Jamie has recently gone from an Ace to a seven of Clubs, having not been working with the team recently and becoming uninterested in training. He believes bringing Dani into the team would encourage Jamie to to take the game seriously, and encouraging him to become an Ace once again. This would mean the team would have two Ace strikers.

At Nelson Road Stadium, Dani challenges Jamie to see who can strike the ball and have it hit the bar the most. After a close start, Dani wins and happily wants to play the challenge with Jamie again next time.

The Curse[]

During a training session, Dani is injured; which players and staff members attributes this to a curse at the club. As Dani had entered the treatment room, it is believed he is cursed and would never play for the club again due to injury. Ted decides to call every player to The Crown & Anchor and tell them to listen to Leslie Higgins and pub owner Mae telling a story about the origin of the curse. Ted suggests that they should come to the treatment room and bring an item from each player at midnight to do a 'ghost cleansing' ritual ceremony. Everyone, including club owner Rebecca Welton, and a reluctant Jamie Tartt throw items into a bin that means something to them and pay respect to prospective footballers and soldiers who fought in the war and had sacrificed things close to them.

Higgins and Ted then invites a now recovered Dani into the field, to the delight of the team players. They surrounds the burning bin and sings "Richmond 'Till We Die" together, making AFC Richmond truly united. Unfortunately, Rebecca decides to give Jamie back to Manchester FC the next day, which angers Ted. While the coaches are upset in their office, Dani tells them softly "Football is life" to cheer them up.

Trick Plays[]

During the Trick Plays meeting for the preparation against Manchester City F.C., Dani suggests "The Sandman" as one of the elaborate set pieces. He even uses the trick during the match and passing the ball to Arlo Dixon but he fails to score a goal.

When Roy Kent gets injured and hurt his knee during the match, Isaac McAdoo leads the team into using the 'Lasso Special' elaborate set-piece; the American Football strategy confuses the opposing team and it gives Dani a chance to score a goal. Unfortunately, they lost the match and the club is relegated.

Penalty Shot and Earl[]

AFC Richmond starts the Championship season with seven draws and Dani gets a penalty that could have given them the first win of the season. Unfortunately, a tragic event interrupts the penalty as AFC Richmond's mascot Earl runs after a bird near the goal post. As Dani kicks the ball, it hit the dog and killed it. The tragedy leaves Dani traumatized as he prays and cries in the shower with water running all over him while he is still wearing the uniform. He also has a nightmare about him killing the dog and wakes up while screaming "Football is death!".

During the training, Dani can't score any goal and he even hit Ted's butt with a ball. Higgins suggests to bring Sports psychologist, Dr Sharon Fieldstone to help Dani overcome this trauma. After a few sessions, Dani manages to get better by scoring an amazing goal during the training. When Ted asks how Dr. Sharon able to helped Dani, he happily explains that she told him that even "Football is life, football is also death. Football is also football too. But mostly football is life".

Not Alone[]

Dani and many foreign team members are invited by Higgins to spend some Christmas time with his family. Dani arrives at the Higgins' home with Jan, and Richard along with his date, and they all brings some traditional food from their countries. Dani thanked the family for invited him because his mother worries that he would be alone on Christmas. He brings a bowl of Mexican Ponche, which is a Mexican Christmas Punch which they can add some Tequila. Julie Higgins comments that the bowl already smell of Tequila, which he happily agrees.

While waiting for the dinner time, he and Thierry are playing nerf wars with Higgin's youngest child as they bond with everyone. During his dinner speech, Higgins acknowledge Dani's hometown and other team players' countries that it is an honor to have everyone share their traditions and make new ones. In the end, he and Julie shares a bottle of Tequila.

Football Is Life[]

During the match against Brentford FC for a place back in the Premier League, Jamie is able to get himself a penalty kick when the goalkeeper from Brentford tackles him. Instead of doing it himself, he gives the penalty kick to Dani. Sport commentators Arlo White and Chris Powell make some comments that Dani hasn't kicked a penalty since the death of their mascot. Dani takes the chance as he observes that the new mascot named Macy Greyhound is wearing a tiny helmet. He smiles and says his motto: "Football is life" and scores the goal. He and the rest of the team are celebrating their winning and their place back in the Premier League on the field. He is last seen happily giving a piggy back ride to Will Kitman.

From Arlo White's cheat sheet:

  • Ex Tigres (Liga MX) / Mexico Int'l
  • Missed 8 months of season with a knee injury
  • "Football is life!"
  • Massive 'Mumford and Sons' fan


  • Dani mentions that he doesn't drink coffee because his mother said that he was born caffeinated due to his hyper behavior and enthusiasm.
  • Apparently, Rebecca and Dani have a similar shoe size.
  • Jamie is the only one who calls him muchacho.
  • He wears his red football shoes that has a writing that says "R.I.P Earl".
  • During Christmas, Jan Maas is Dani's Secret Santa.