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Henry Lasso is a recurring character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. He is the son of Ted Lasso and Michelle Lasso who lives in Kansas, United States. His parents are divorced in the middle of the series, and Henry only talks with his father via Facetime after the divorce. Michelle has a custody of him because Ted lives in England.

His father, Ted, has accepted a job as a manager position at UK Premier League club AFC Richmond and moves to England. On Ted's first night in London, he calls home and talks to his son, initially confused with the time zones. He talks to Henry and tells him that he misses him, and his son replies that he loves him.

Ted has been working and adapting in England for a few weeks when Michelle and Henry gives a surprise visit. Overjoyed, he runs toward them and gives them a big hug and twirl. Ted then takes his family to The Crown & Anchor while teaching them some British words. Mae gives Henry some darts and tells him to play, and not to hit the regulars. Unfortunately, that is what he's done, as he accidentally hit one of the pub patrons Paul in the arm.

At home, Henry builds a double decker bus toy with his parents and spending a quality time with them. He even sleeps in the same bed with his parents. The next day, he enthusiastically ready to go to the match between AFC Richmond and Crystal Palace F.C. that he forgets to wear any pants. He doesn't know that he interrupted an emotional conversation between his parents. Henry doesn't know that his mother confessed to his father that she is no longer loves her husband.

Before the match, Henry visits his father in the locker room and meets Jamie Tartt. He asks Jamie whether he can sign his kit, and Jamie obliges. He tells Henry that when he scores a goal, he's not doing it for himself, but for Henry. Henry doesn't know that Jamie is being condescending to his father. When he walks out from the locker room with Ted, he sings Jamie's chant.

During the match, the fans throw insults and yell "wanker" at Ted, and it concerns Michelle and Henry a lot. They watch the match at the VIP Box along with Rebecca Welton and Leslie Higgins. Ted runs and climbs the VIP Box to ask Rebecca whether it's okay to substitute Jamie with Robbie Roberts, and while there Henry gives him an encouragement words. Rebecca gives him the blessing to bench Jamie, and the team wins against Crystal Palace when Sam Obisanya scores a goal. While the club celebrating on the field. Henry runs off to his dad and they both happily hug each other.

Henry then asks "What is a wanker?".

Ted answers that a 'wanker' is a man who likes to be alone with his thoughts.

Ted then hoists his son to his shoulders as they wave to the cheering crowd and fans. After the match, before leaving to the airport, he plays with Shannon while his parents are talking. Henry doesn't know that his parents are getting a divorce. Ted then says goodbye to Henry, and promise his son that he will talk to him soon after the season is over. With that, they part ways.

While having a Facetime with Ted, who tells him that Everton F.C. is not a town, but actually a team in Liverpool. Henry asks Ted if he ever met The Beatles, can his father take a picture of the members John, Paul, George, and Ringo, which Ted obliges, not a have a heart to tell his son that both George and John are dead.

During another Facetime before the match against Manchester City F.C., Henry asks Ted why when he sees him on TV coaching soccer, it doesn't look like he's doing anything, which his father replies that he doesn't have much control because once the game is going, he can't tell his players what to do. He just hope that everything he'd been trying to teach made some impact and the players will make the right decision when they are out there on their own. Ted concludes that it's like being a father. When Henry doesn't answer, he realizes that his son has checked out for a while and didn't listen.

Henry tells Ted about the Show-And-Tell at his school during a chat on Facetime, and he asks whether he should bring Jamie Tartt's jersey or his LEGO Hogwarts. Ted answers that he should bring Jamie's jersey instead. When Ted sees Rebecca, she tells Ted that she is having a romantic relationship or a torrid affair with Sam, and Henry yells from the screen that they are still online.


There is a possibility that Henry goes to a private elementary school based on his school uniform seen from his picture at Ted's home.