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Not to be confused with James Tartt, his father.

Jamie Tartt is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso, a Striker for AFC Richmond and is the top player for the club. He holds a high opinion of himself, and has great influence in the locker room at Nelson Road Stadium. He usually hang out with other players such as Isaac McAdoo, Colin Hughes, Jeff Goodman, Dani Rojas and Sam Obisanya. He is an extremely talented young footballer, which everyone admits. However, his personality has always clashes with everyone around him.

Jamie is an ascendancy man and hardly gets along with other team members and even refuses to participate in group activities. However, his attitude has changed after he realizes the error of his ways and he becomes more supportive to his team.

Playing For AFC Richmond[]

Much to the dismay of Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, and Roy Kent, Jamie influenced players to tease and bully Nathan Shelley, the club's kit man. Isaac McAdoo and Colin Hughes were his lackeys in the locker room and always followed his order. When Roy told Jamie to stay away from Nate, Jamie instead told both Isaac and Colin to keep doing it. Roy decided to put a stop of the bullying by headbutted Colin in a nightclub, and berated Jamie in front of Keeley, Jeff, and the rest of the team.

In the locker room, Jamie engaged in frequent fights with the Captain of the team, Roy. Ted decided to handle the rivalry at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children which Jamie attended along with his girlfriend, Keeley Jones. Jamie and Roy learned to respect each other more after having a hearty conversation while drinking. However, Jamie was losing favor with Keeley after speaking with another woman named Bex and being generally rude. Keeley then having a heart-to-heart conversation with the club's owner, Rebecca Welton about accountability, which made her broke off the relationship with Jamie.

Beside Nate, Jamie was also bullying Sam Obisanya, usually by insulting his family and the way he played football. During a game against Watford F.C., Jamie continued to make the match all about him and didn't give a chance to other players. When Sam fell down, instead of helping him, Jamie rolled him over and even walked over him, which made Roy angry and he fought Jamie on the field. Football commentators Chris Powell and Arlo White shocked to see this kind of behavior from the same team. In a risky move, Ted substituted Jamie off the pitch with Robbie Roberts to act as a lesson for him. Jamie angrily told Ted off as the crowd boos, disliking the decision. However, Richmond went on to win the game thanks to a fantastic pass from Roy and a goal from Sam. This proved Richmond could win games without Jamie, especially when the team could work together without any negative distractions.

During a press conference, Trent Crimm asked whether he'd keep the club's best player on the bench, and Ted answered that it depend on Jamie whether he would do what expected from the club. Feeling betrayed, Jamie decided to stop attending a training session which made the usually nice Ted frustrated. He yelled and berated Jamie for missing a training, and as a punishment told him to set up the practice cones. At first, Jamie ordered Colin to do it instead, but he refused and told him off. Jamie was embarrassed when other team players laughed at him.

Ted decided to use a new player, Dani Rojas as a way to draw out the best in Jamie. During the training, Dani impressed everyone and he worked well with the players. Jamie started to re-evaluate his position in the club and kick a ball to the goal post, but Dani challenged Jamie to see who can strike the ball and have it hit the post the most. After a close start, Dani won and happily wanted to play the challenge with Jamie again next time.

During a training session, Dani got injured; which players and staff members attributed this to a curse at the club. As Dani had entered the treatment room, it was believed he was cursed and would never play for the club again due to injury. Ted decided to call every player to The Crown & Anchor and told them to listen to Leslie Higgins and pub owner Mae telling a story about the origin of the curse. Ted suggested that they should come to the treatment room and bring an item from each player at midnight to do a 'ghost cleansing' ritual ceremony. Everyone, including club owner Rebecca Welton, and a reluctant Jamie threw items into a bin that means something to them and pay respect to prospective footballers and soldiers who fought in the war and had sacrificed things close to them.

Jamie donated football boots which his mother had bought him, and he vowed to make his mother proud through enjoying the game and being a good role model rather than taking his father's approach of acting tough. Higgins and Ted then invited a now recovered Dani into the field, to the delight of the team players. They surrounded the burning bin and sang "Richmond 'Till We Die" together, making AFC Richmond truly united. Unfortunately, Rebecca decided to give Jamie back to Manchester FC the next day, which angered Ted.

Transfer to Manchester City[]

During the team meeting for the preparation against Manchester City F.C., Nate shows the squad a video of Jamie talking down to Richmond which makes Isaac break the TV monitor in anger. Meanwhile, Jamie runs into Tommy at a barbershop and takes a photo with him. Tommy comments that it must be super embarrassing for Jamie to get dumped by the club. Jamie points out that Ted was the one who kicked him off the club, prompting his return to Manchester City F.C. Tommy then shows him a video of Trent Crimm asking for Ted's statement about whether he and Jamie have bad blood between them. Ted has nothing but good things to say about him but Tommy calls it a classic mind-games. Confused, Jamie seeks Keeley for an advice at her home and surprised to see Roy there, clearly having a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Jamie tells Keeley that Ted is trying to get into his head by being nice on television, which she replied that "Not everyone in your life is out to get you."

During the final match, Roy chases down Jamie and manages to tackle him but with a heavy price as he hurt his knee badly. Isaac then lead the team into using the 'Lasso Special' elaborate set-piece; the American Football strategy confuses the opposing team, and it gives Dani a chance to score a goal. After Richmond ties it in stoppage time, Jamie goes down the length of the pitch, without Richmond knowing because they are celebrating the goal. Jamie makes the extra pass to his team player, Hendrick, who scores the goal. Richmond loses the game and the club gets relegated.

After the match, Jamie's father James Tartt yells at him for passing the ball to his team mate instead scoring by himself. He throws a shoe at Jamie, but misses. Ted witness the abuse from outside the treatment room and starts to understand where Jamie got his personality. He passes a heartfelt letter of appreciation to Jamie via Coach Beard along with a tiny green toy soldier as a reminder that he will always support him.

Reality TV and The Reality[]

Jamie left Manchester City Football Club right at the start of the new season to pursue a reality TV career, including an appearance on Lust Conquers All; a popular competitive romance reality show. Jamie is eliminated and voted off from the show in favor of a contestant named Danthony, which surprised him and his co-stars because everyone thought he was going to win.

During an interview with iTV's This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby he expresses his desire to start taking chances and living life the fullest when he heard that George Harrison passed away, that is why he left the club and joined the show. Holly tells him that George Harrison died twenty years ago, but Jamie just found out recently. Phillip asks him whether he'd return to Man City, and Jamie thinks that Pep Guardiola will take him back. Both presenters show him a video clip of Vinai Ahuja interview, telling Lloyd the reporter, that Jamie will not coming back to the club and wishes him luck. The news stunned Jamie and he goes to see his manager, Uri, who tells him that nobody wants him because he is a liability for acting like an asshole and disappear on Man City, not to mention cheated on Amy with Denise by having a jacuzzi sex in the show. Uri introduces Tracey, Jamie's new talent agent who say that he needs to take some ecstasy every night for weeks in order to be cast in a new reality show in Ibiza. Jamie realizes that this is not what he wants and leaves the agency.

Feeling vulnerable and confused, Jamie follows Keeley to a coffee shop and admits that he doesn't know what to do after both football club and the show kicked him out. He confesses that he needs a guidance from her but don't know how to contact her because he deleted her phone numbers. Keeley then tells him that she is not the person in position to help, and advice him to approach his former coach, Ted, instead. Jamie meets Ted at the The Crown & Anchor pub and give back the green soldier to him, which he named it Ted after Ted Danson. Jamie admits that he's doing worse and wants to come back to Richmond, but Ted says that Jamie has burned a lot of bridges with everyone. Jamie also admits that the reason why he left Man City and joined a reality show is because he was fed up with his father.

Jamie and Ted's interaction in the pub is being recorded and photographed by the pub's regulars Jeremy, Paul, and Baz who shares them to social media, which upsets a lot of people. Sam is quite frustrated when he sees a picture of Jamie and Ted together, citing how the young man treated him and the team badly at the club back then. He tells Ted as much, and the coach reassures him that Jamie is not returning. However, everyone is shocked when they sees the ex-Richmond striker take to the training pitch. The only person who greets Jamie on the field is his buddy, Jeff Goodman.

While they are in the locker room, Jamie apologizes to the squad for his past behaviors. Colin calls out Jamie for his bullying behavior which then prompts everyone else to chime in angrily including Richard Montlaur, Moe Bumbercatch, and Isaac who then blames him for the club being relegated. Everyone yells at him even Jan Maas who doesn't know him but he hates him anyway. During the first training session, Sam tackles Jamie hard to make it clear that things have changed at the club while Colin mocks him.

Ted make a decision to become "Led Tasso" and acting like a mean coach to the team. His behavior is uncharacteristically weird as he yells, screams, and punishes the players the whole day. Jamie tells him to stop yelling at everyone, which prompts the coach to cancel the practice. The team mates thanked Jamie quietly except Sam, and Sharon Fieldstone observes that Ted is pretending to be mean so everyone make him the common enemy instead of Jamie. Keeley recommend Jamie to see Dr. Sharon when he can't stop talking about his problems, and he starts to see her for some sessions.

Before the match against Coventry City, Sam covers the Dubai Air logo on his uniform with black tape as an act of protest. Isaac and Tommy Winchester are the firsts who cover their uniforms as an act of solidarity for being fellow Nigerians. Jamie also covers the logo on his uniform as a sign that he is now a part of the team. The rest follows and stands together getting some respect from others. In the locker room, the whole team is celebrating for breaking the tie streak. Jamie gives Sam a toast for doing something incredible and courageous. They ended the day by taking group pictures with Nora and her mother Flo Collins. The whole team is united once again.

Confronting Dad[]

Before the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City, Jamie asks Higgins some tickets for his dad and his mates, Denbo Cullens and Bug. Jamie doesn't care where Higgins put them because the only reason he's doing this is just to get them off his back. Both of them are having a hearty conversations about their fathers. Before that, Jamie looks envious when he hears Sam's father tells his son that he loves him via a phone call.

His dad and his mates attend the game, but support Manchester City. After their devastating loss, James burst into their locker room and starts insulting Jamie and the rest of the team players, ended up with the old man getting punched by his son. The players are stunned and not able to do anything about it, however at the same time Moe, Declan Cockburn, and Paul Reynolds want to help Jamie but they get restrained by Jack Dawkins and Kukoč so the situation won't escalate. Coach Beard then takes James outside, and possibly rough him out. Jamie gets very upset which prompt Roy to embrace him tightly while everyone else watches the interaction. Ted can't stand the situation because it reminds him of his own father who committed suicide, and leave the locker room.

A Better Man[]

When Rebecca's father passed away, Isaac tells everyone that they need to go to the funeral as a team. During this time, Jamie and the rest of the team are very supportive of each other. He is also very close with Sam and Dani. While they are in Deborah's house for the wake, Jamie confesses to Keeley that he didn't just come back to Richmond to get away from his dad, but he came back for her. He thinks that he's becoming a better version of himself; the kind of man that she always believe he could be. He then says "I love you" to her, and then leaves. Keeley is stunned hearing his confession but doesn't say a word. Roy also confesses that he loves her so much, and the two embraces.

During a photoshoot session, Keeley admits that Jamie confessed that he still in love with her. Roy is angry and confronts Jamie at the club, but before he could do anything to him, Jamie apologizes and realize that what he said to Keeley was inappropriate, which makes Roy angrier because he can't do anything so he leaves. During the match against Brentford FC for a place back in the Premier League, Jamie is able to get himself a penalty kick when the goalkeeper from Brentford tackles him. Instead of doing it himself, he gives the penalty kick to Dani. Dani says his motto: "Football is life" and scores the goal. The rest of the team are celebrating their winning and their place back in the Premier League on the field. While celebrating on the field with others, Roy headbutts Jamie and then hugs him very tight.


  • When Ted berates Jamie for missing practice, his monologue is an almost word-for-word reenactment of a famous 2002 rant by NBA great Allen Iverson in which he said the word “practice” 22 times. Unlike Ted Lasso, however, Iverson wasn’t talking about the importance of practice; he was complaining about being criticized for missing it.
  • Jamie has his own chant that is based to the song "Baby Shark", a children song that was popularized by a South Korean educational entertainment channel Pinkfong.
  • Jamie is the only person who calls Dani muchacho.
  • Jamie flirted with Moe's mother, Janet.
  • Jamie cupped a fart with his hands and put it in front of Richard's face.
  • Jamie called Colin a jaundiced worm for an article.
  • Jamie just found out recently that George Harrison died.

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