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Not to be confused with James Tartt, his father.

Jamie Tartt is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. He plays striker for AFC Richmond and is the top scorer for the club. He holds a high opinion of himself, and has great influence in the locker room at Nelson Road Stadium.

Playing for AFC Richmond[]

Much to the dismay of Ted Lasso and Roy, Jamie influenced players to tease Nathan, the club's kit man, which lead Roy to try and stop it, and Ted tried to stop this behavior and make Jamie more of a team player.

In the locker room, Jamie engaged in frequent fights with Roy Kent, the club's captain. Ted tried to stop this by talking with both Jamie and Roy. This failed and Ted decided to handle this at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children which Jamie attended along with his girlfriend, Keeley. After talking it out during the event, Jamie and Roy learned to respect each other more. However, Jamie was losing favor with Keeley after speaking with another woman named Bex and being generally rude. Once Keeley spoke with club owner, Rebecca Welton, about accountability in a relationship, Keeley broke off the relationship with Jamie.

Jamie continued to score goals for AFC Richmond and also was not a team player and made the games about him. During a game against Watford F.C., Richmond went 2-0 down. Jamie got them back to 2-2 and continued celebrations that revolved around him. In a risky move, Ted substituted Jamie off the pitch to act as a lesson for him. Richmond went on to win the game 3-2 thanks to a goal from Sam Obisanya. This proved them Richmond could win games without Jamie.

Feeling left out and betrayed, Jamie decided to stop attending training sessions. As a result of this, this made Ted frustrated and as a result decided to use a returning player to the team, Dani Rojas, as a way to draw out the best in Jamie. Dani had been injured when he first joined the club so had not been able to play any games. Having joined the club and shown what he could do in training, he impressed players and staff and also made Jamie think about his position.

After losing a training routine exercise to Dani, Jamie reflected on his experiences and style evolved these to Keeley. After that conversation, Jamie decided to attend an event he previously was against attending in order to break a curse the club's players and staff believed was on them. Club members had to donate something that meant something to them in order to honor those who had gone to fight in World War I. Jamie donated football boots which is mother had bought him and he vowed to make his mother proud through enjoying the game and being a good role model rather than taking his father's approach of acting tough.

Transfer to Manchester City[]

Having lifted this curse, Jamie was recalled back to Manchester City F.C. who had loaned him out to AFC Richmond much to the dismay of the club and Ted Lasso. While with Manchester City for their game against West Ham F.C. Jamie visited Keeley to check in on her to see how she was. After confiding her that he appreciated what she saw in him, the two slept together that evening.

In episode 10, The Richmond team realized Jamie hasn’t changed during a press conference of him talking trash about AFC Richmond and Isaac throws a chair at the TV. During the final match, Roy chases down Jamie, who gets angry at Roy. After Richmond ties it in stoppage time, Jamie goes down the length of the pitch, without Richmond knowing (because they were celebrating) And it was him and Zoreaux, but he made the extra pass to win the game, which Ted, after the game, sends a fond letter about the pass to Jamie. He also gets abused by his dad, because he passed.

Reality TV[]

Jamie left Manchester City to pursue a reality TV career, including an appearance on Lust Conquers All. He was eliminated from this show, and returned to England looking for more work. His manager said nobody wanted him and it would have to be more reality TV work.

Return to AFC Richmond[]

Instead of this, Jamie decided to go back to Keeley to ask for guidance. He then went to Ted and asked if there was any chance of him returning to Richmond to which Ted said that would not be a good idea. Jamie revealed that he left Man City as he was getting fed up with his dad. Later, Jamie would walk out on to the Richmond pitch as a player again, much to the astonishment of his team mates.

With Jamie back at Richmond, he was treated to the harsh reality of how the team had changed. He attempted to apologise to the team about his actions when he was previously at the club, but the apology wasn’t really accepted. When he made it onto the training pitch, he was harshly tackled by Sam and ridiculed. Jamie was shocked at how much things had changed.

He was then viewed differently by the team when he followed along with Sam in covering up the Dubai Air logo on his shirt, in solidarity with his teammates.

Confronting his dad[]

Before the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City, Jamie approached Higgins asking for tickets for his dad and his mates. He cited the reason he was doing this was just to get them off his back.

His dad and his mates duly attended the game, but supported Manchester City. After Richmond lost to Manchester City, Jamie’s dad came into the dressing room where the Richmond players were to gloat at them, especially to Jamie. Jamie did not appreciate how his dad was talking to him, and eventually punched his dad, and Beard took him outside.

Jamie got very upset about this, and Roy embraced him.

Behind the scenes[]

In football, when a player is "loaned" to another club, this means a player is contracted to play for one club but that club loans them to another club to gain match practice. Players are often loaned to a club lower down in the league table to ensure they get featured more prominently. Loans can often last weeks, months, to even a few seasons.

Typically loans are from teams in more competitive divisions or leagues to lower teams in hopes of getting an injured player or one out of form more time on the pitch than they might see with their home club.

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