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Jason Sudeikis is Executive Producer, writer, and star of Ted Lasso, as well as its titular star, and one of its key episodic writers. He originated the role as an originally stand-alone comedy sketch.

Sudeikis famously comes from a sketch comedy background, where he rose from both J.T.S. Brown and Chicago's Second City to eventually join the writing staff of Saturday Night Live as a writer. After a couple of years mostly behind the cameras, he eventually became one of its stars from the middle of the 2000s until about 2013. Like many former members of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, he occasionally returns to the show. Though known for a number of roles, one prominent one was that of Joe Biden, particularly during Biden's vice presidency.

In motion pictures, he first gained notoriety for the early 2010s franchise, Horrible Bosses, but has since starred in films like Sleeping with Other People and Downsizing.

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