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Keeley Jones is a character featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. She is a model-turned-PR consultant. Her boyfriend is Roy Kent, captain of AFC Richmond.

Meeting Ted Lasso[]

When Ted Lasso joined the club, she quickly formed a rapport with him and she helped him get to understand her boyfriend, Jamie Tartt, and how to make him a team player. Rebecca Welton attempted to use their rapport to create a negative image of Ted by photographing them in a seemingly intimate situation. This was taken after the photoshoot photographer took photographs of Keeley dressed as a lion.

Love life[]

Keeley attended the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children alongside Jamie. Here, she saw another side of Jamie who was chatting with another woman in Bex who, unbeknownst to her, was the girlfriend of Rupert Mannion. After engaging in a bidding war with Bex to win Jamie at the charity auction, she spoke with Rebecca Welton. Here, Rebecca iterated the importance of accountability in a relationship which she did not have with her ex-husband, Rupert Mannion. With this, Keeley broke it off between her and Jamie and went out with Rebecca for a drink.

Keeley and Roy built up a friendly rapport. Roy started developing feelings for her and eventually walked her home after the karaoke party the team attended after AFC Richmond beat Everton F.C. 1-0 at Goodison Park. They kissed outside Keeley's hotel room before he made his way back to his room. Eventually, the two started to be in a relationship.

After Roy, her boyfriend, retired from football, Keeley was very keen for Roy to make something of his career, including taking up an offer from Sky Sports as a pundit. Around this time, Keeley also helped Rebecca choose a date and went on a double date with Roy with Rebecca and John Wingsnight.

Keeley was starting to get fed up with Roy getting into her life too much and not giving her space. She told Rebecca this and rehearsed what she would say to Roy with Rebecca. Eventually, while watching Sex and the City, Roy distracted Keeley and this was the last straw for her. She snapped at Roy, citing that he did not give her any space and she wanted some peace. Once Roy realised this is what Keeley had been talking to her colleagues about, he stormed out. This left Keeley feeling upset, which continued when Roy didn’t speak with her much at work after that either. Later though, when Keeley returned from work, she found packed bags from Roy and she feared he was moving out. She was relieved to find Roy was not moving out, and he had in fact prepared a bath for her where she could be alone which she greatly appreciated.

Keeley's successes as AFC Richmond's Head of Marketing did not go unnoticed and she was later featured on Vanity Fair's business issue as a powerful woman on the rise.[1] Near the end of Richmond's season after relegation, Bantr's investors offered to finance her opening of a PR firm, and Keeley accepted with encouragement from Higgins, Roy, and Rebecca.[2]