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"Make Rebecca Great Again" is the seventh episode of season one of the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. It premiered on September 11, 2020.


While the team hits the road for an away match in Liverpool, Rebecca and Keeley celebrate Rebecca’s first anniversary without her husband with her lifelong friend, Sassy.


AFC Richmond heads to Liverpool for an away game against the Everton team. The weekend out of town happens to coincide with Rebecca’s first anniversary as a divorcee. To help cope, she kicks Higgins off of her jet and invites Keeley along for the ride instead. She hopes to enjoy a fun girls’ weekend to get her mind off things.

Rebecca’s long-time friend, Flo ‘Sassy’ Collins, joins them for the weekend, much to Rebecca’s surprise. Ted receives his divorce papers and struggles to accept the end of his marriage.

Not one member of the Richmond team anticipates winning the Liverpool game, especially as it hasn’t happened in over 60 years. They don’t have Jamie on the team anymore and are discouraged. Ted tries to find a new way to motivate the team and lift their spirits. He turns to Nate, asking him to write down what he thinks of the team and what he would say to them.  Nate is hesitant to do so. He fears that he’ll say or do something to upset Ted and then get fired.

Nate tries to slide his pages under Ted’s hotel room door, unknowingly interrupting Ted as he pours over his divorce papers. He’s received a text message from Michelle’s lawyer. He can simply take a picture of his signature and send the message. Ted opens the door and he barks at Nate to go back to his room and stop acting foolish after curfew.

Ted apologizes to Nate the following day, and all is forgiven. He tells Nate that he read his notes and agrees with each one of them before saying that won’t mean as much coming from him — he instructs Nate to give the pre-game pep talk. Nate goes all-in on a thorough roasting of the team, hitting each member where it hurts, but in a funny way.

The guys, who often playfully rib each other, are delighted by Nate’s cutting jabs. Sam is indecisive, Danny loses his man more than Carrie Bradshaw, Colin must be getting his pubes waxed because he plays like a Brazilian, and so on.

Roy then rips a bolted-down wooden bench off the locker room floor before exciting the team and leading them onto the field. Richmond wins 1-0, with Roy scoring a rare goal. Ted is delighted for his team and joins them in their celebration at a karaoke bar. While there, listening to Rebecca sing an incredible rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, he has a panic attack.

Outside of the club, he slips to the floor, cradling his head in his hands. Rebecca is the one who shows up to calm him down. She helps him through some breathing exercises and offers him a ride home, or to walk with him if that’s what he wants. Ultimately, Ted thanks her and walks back to the hotel. Ted takes a shower, cleans himself up, and finally signs the papers.

Rebecca’s old friend Sassy visits her in Liverpool for the weekend to take her mind off things regarding Rupert. She, Keeley, and Rebecca have a great time hanging out, laughing, and going to dinner where Rebecca flirts with a handsome waiter. Sassy tries to inspire Rebecca to sleep with him. Rebecca disappears for a while.

Rebecca ultimately apologizes to Sassy for disappearing over the last six years while married. Sassy tells her that Nora, her daughter, missed her terribly and thought she’d done something wrong, which is very upsetting to Rebecca.

Rebecca returns to the restaurant where she, Keeley, and Sassy had eaten dinner to meet up with the hot waiter. While sitting at the bar, she receives a text message from Ted, thanking her for being so kind to him during his wild journey to the U.K. Rebecca looks guilty as she reads it.

Keeley and Roy finally kiss. Roy wishes her good night and walks off, leaving Keeley confused and wondering if she did something wrong.

Sassy shows up at Ted’s hotel room and walks inside.

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