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Michelle Lasso is a recurring character featured in the Apple TV+, Ted Lasso. She is the wife and later ex-wife of Ted Lasso as they get divorced in the middle of the series. As Henry Lasso's mother, she gets a custody of him because Ted is living in London while both mother and son are living in Kansas.

Ted voices his concern about leaving his family behind and moving to England to accept a manager position at UK Premier League club AFC Richmond during the flight to London. After spending a whole day attending a press conference and meeting everyone at Nelson Road Stadium, he is taken to his flat and calls his family to check-in. He talks to his son and tells him that he misses him, and his son replies that he loves him.

Needing Space[]

When he talks to Michelle, Ted wants both of them to visit him in Richmond upon Thames. Michelle says that she needs some space from both of them, revealing that they have some sort of marriage issues. She doesn't want to be pressured of going to London, which Ted apologizes for pushing her. He tells her that he loves her, but Michelle doesn't reciprocate.

Ted has been working and adapting in England for a few weeks when Michelle and Henry gives a surprise visit. Overjoyed, he runs toward them and gives them a big hug and twirl them. Ted then takes his family to The Crown & Anchor while teaching them some British words. They meet the regular patrons Baz, Jeremy, and Paul - Baz immediately insults Ted but changes his tune when Ted introduces Michelle. Michelle sarcastically says that Baz has a nice recovery from the insult. She has heard all of them, being a coach's wife for years.

At the pub, Mae compliments her for the choice of beverage and leaves the couple having a conversation. Ted can't believe that Michelle is in front of him, while she awkwardly talks about Fish-and-Chips. Although they are laughing and talking, it's obvious that she is nervous. At home, Michelle helps Ted and her son build a double decker bus toy, basically spending a quality time with her family. She even sleeps in the same bed with her husband and her son, and everything seems normal.

The Truth[]

The next morning, Ted discovers Michelle crying in the living room. When he asks her what happened, she makes an excuse of being jet-lagged, but he asks her to be truthful and says "Oklahoma". Michelle has no choice but to tell him the truth; that she is no longer loves him. Before Ted can say anything, Henry interrupts them that he's ready to go while not wearing pants, so she helps her son getting ready. Ted sadly contemplates about their marriage. At the office, Ted discuss his marriage to Coach Beard and Nathan Shelley; says that he might be the root of the problem, that him being around her so much is doing more damage to their marriage. Every time he tries to help Michelle with anything, it always backfired. His constant positive thinking makes Michelle stressed out. Ted mentions that Michelle and her therapist told him to give her a little space, so he took the job in England, far away from her and Henry.

During the match against Crystal Palace F.C., the fans throw insults and yell "wanker" at Ted, and it concerns Michelle a lot. She watches the match with her son at the VIP Box along with Rebecca Welton and Leslie Higgins. Ted runs and climbs the VIP Box to ask Rebecca whether it's okay to substitute Jamie Tartt with Robbie Roberts, and while there Michelle gives him an encouragement words. Rebecca gives him the blessing to bench Jamie, and the team wins against Crystal Palace when Sam Obisanya scores a goal.

After the match, before leaving to the airport, Michelle and Ted are having a hearty conversation. Ted reminiscence about the past; the first time they met at a parking lot, how it was so random and yet it was a start of a new beginning for both of them. He says that he looks back at everything and both of them have been through, and he wouldn't change a thing, even now. Michelle asks him what he means, and he says that he doesn't have a control of what can make her happy for just being with him. Ted tells Michelle that she doesn't have to keep trying and pretending to be happy with him, that he will be fine without her. When Ted sees Henry playing with Shannon, he sadly says that he promised himself that he would never quit anything including his family, but Michelle says that he isn't quitting his family, he just letting her go. Michelle and Henry then says goodbye to Ted and they part ways.

Fast Divorce[]

Michelle has contacted her lawyer to arrange the divorce as she wants it to be done quickly, and during a Facetime call, Michelle asks Ted to take a look of the divorce papers her lawyer sent him. Ted promise her that he would look it, sign it, and send it right back. Michelle tells him good luck for the match against Everton F.C. much to Ted's discomfort. Before the match, her lawyer contacted him and asks him whether he already sign the divorce papers. Her lawyer also mentions that Ted can just take pictures of the documents and send them via email. After Richmond beats Everton, the club celebrates the winning at a Karaoke bar. While Rebecca sings "Let It Go" from Frozen soundtrack, Ted has a panic attack, remembering what Michelle said about letting her go. He goes outside, trying to keep his panic attack down. Rebecca finds him and comforts him after seeing him leaving the karaoke bar. Ted then goes back to his hotel and signs the divorce papers, finally letting Michelle go.

During Christmas, Ted politely decline Higgins' invitation to spend a Christmas dinner with his family, because he wants to spend Christmas with his family via Facetime call. He thought that the day would be normal like it used to, but he was wrong. After watching Henry opening up his present, which is a drone, he immediately leave the chat to try out the drone. While Ted chats with Michelle, she is distracted by her son playing with the drone. Ted tells her to go, and she immediately terminates the conversation.

When Trent Crimm's article about Ted's panic attack is published, Michelle sends him a sympathetic message via text. When Ted wants to chat a little longer, Michelle doesn't answer and then awkwardly gives him a supportive message.


Actress Hannah Waddingham mentioned in several interviews that she thinks that the character of Michelle Lasso is manipulative and toxic to the people around her, especially to Ted.