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Nathan "Nate" Shelley is a character featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. He is now the head coach at West Ham United.

Meeting Ted Lasso[]

When Ted Lasso and Coach Beard arrived at Nelson Road Stadium, he asked them to get off the grass but upon realizing who they were he immediately retracted those comments. When Ted asked his name, Nathan did not know what to say as nobody had ever asked him that before and he felt insignificant.

Working for AFC Richmond[]

Nate worked as the kit man for AFC Richmond, responsible for cleaning the football kits of the players and also grounds maintenance. However, he was passionate about football and had a lot of ideas about plays.

Ted Lasso empowered Nathan by regularly chatting with him during training sessions and also used his advice in a game against Crystal Palace which AFC Richmond eventually went on to lose.

He was regularly teased by AFC Richmond players, including Jamie, but Roy made an effort to stop this due to Nathan being a part of the team.

Eventually, at the end of the first season, Ted and the team surprise Nate with a major promotion- kit man to assistant coach. Nate is thrilled.

The New Nate[]

Keen to get his parents the best anniversary present, Nathan wanted to get them the window seat at a high-class restaurant known as the Taste of Athens. However he was unable to convince the person working at the cafe so had to leave. He asked Keeley to see if she could help him get into the window seat, but instead Keeley - alongside Rebecca - opted to give Nathan some assertiveness training.

At the FA Cup quarter-final match, Ted had to leave the pitch citing stomach issues. Beard and Roy were left discussing tactics after Tottenham Hotspur equalized against Richmond. Much to the surprise of Beard and Roy, Nathan took control and opted to “park the bus”, bringing off attacking players and subbing on defensive ones to ensure Richmond did not concede a goal. This puzzled the Richmond players and coaches, but it paid off - Richmond won the game. Nate received praise from players and coaches.

Nate had to confront what it was like to be “The Wonder Kid” at both home and at Nelson Road. At home, Nate’s father wished Nate to show some humility after Nate spotted his picture on the back of a newspaper. At Nelson Road, Nate was rude to Colin, citing he didn’t inspire people like Jamie. As a consequence, he was told off by Beard and told to apologize to Colin. Nate did so and the players gave Nate a “Wonder Kid” T-shirt which was Will’s idea. Later, Nate felt humiliated by this, and said he would make Will’s life a misery if he humiliated him again.


  • He owns an old, small, green Mini.