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Pilot is the first episode of season one of the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. It premiered on August 14, 2020.


American football coach Ted Lasso is hired by a wealthy divorcee to coach the British football team AFC Richmond.


New owner of AFC Richmond, Rebecca Welton, is at a football club putting some items up for auction. She invites the manager George into the office and fires him instantly for his misogynistic behavior and poor team performances — she calls him a fat tw*t. On the way out, George mocks Rebecca for her divorce.

Ted Lasso is the new manager of Rebecca’s football club AFC Richmond — he’s from America and his profession usually involves managing American football not European football. Ted is doubting himself a little bit for taking on this challenge. When he arrives he is shown Tower Bridge and is amazed by it.

Ted Lasso and Coach Beard arrive at the stadium and he touches the grass which panics the kitman Nate. It’s noticeable straight away that Ted feels out of place for being American. They finally meet Rebecca and have an introductory meeting. She gives Ted a tour of the stadium and he asks her if she’s okay from her divorce.

Ted is soon taken to a press conference where he addresses the elephant in the room - that he’s never coached football. Trent Crimm, a sports journalist, asks why he’s managing a Premier football club and wonders if this is a joke. The press conference turns into absolute chaos. Rebecca Welton walks in and calms the press down, stating the club has been under profound mediocrity. She calls the new way “The Lasso Way”.

When Ted Lasso leaves the press conference, Rebecca reveals that she intends to burn the club to the ground and wants it to fail to get revenge on her husband who used to own it. She tells the Communication Director that he will be the new Football Director who will help her take the team down.

Ted and Beard introduce themselves to the players. Suddenly, one of the footballer’s partners, Keeley Jones. Ted invites Roy into the office and compliments him — Roy thanks Ted and calls him Coach Ronald F*cking McDonald and walks out. Ted tells Beard he’s going to win Roy over.

Ted enters the changing room and covers a pair of breasts on one of the lockers. Keeley returns to the changing room and gives him advice to change elements of the changing room. Keeley tells Ted to avoid #Richmond on Twitter. Ted returns to his hotel room and calls his family back at home. It’s evident that he’s having marital problems with his wife Michelle as they talk about giving each other space.

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