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Rebecca Welton (formerly Mannion) is a character featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. She is the owner of AFC Richmond and took over the role from her wealthy husband, Rupert Mannion, after leaving him due to him seeing other women. Higgins is her assistant who she delegates tasks to, such as organizing accommodation for new staff at the club.

Meeting Ted Lasso[]

Upon arriving at her office at Nelson Road Stadium, Rebecca greeted Ted Lasso and Coach Beard, and gave the former a tour of the ground. It was here she revealed to Lasso about her breakup with her husband and also her plan to put Ted in front of the press immediately after his arrival.

A cunning plan[]

In order to gain revenge on her former husband, Rupert, Rebecca intends for the club to fail spectacularly. To this end, she appointed Ted Lasso as head coach in the expectation that his lack of soccer expertise would ensure the club would suffer. She tried different ways to hasten the decline once Ted was appointed, including an attempt to smear his reputation by publishing a picture with him and Keeley, Jamie Tartt's girlfriend. These attempts were unsuccessful, although the club were still losing games.

Rupert returns[]

Having not done this alone before, Rebecca had to host the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children alone. Many of the aspects of the event such as public speaking were often handled by Rupert which made her very nervous. Her nerves continued when, unexpectedly, Rupert arrived at the event seemingly to get back at her and tried to take over the evening. This made Rebecca very upset and she confided in Ted that she was the only one who could see the other side of Rupert.

She also confided in Keeley at the event, noting how important it was for people to be held accountable. This was not the case in her relationship with Rupert and she felt worse off for it. Using this advice, Keeley broke off her relationship with Jamie and went out for the evening with Rebecca for a drink.

An old friendship[]

Having grown closer to Keeley, Rebecca invited Keeley along to join her at Richmond's match against Everton F.C. at Goodison Park in place of Higgins. They shared a hotel room together and were joined in Liverpool by Flo Collins, an old friend of Rebecca's. After Richmond beat Everton 1-0, the club celebrated at a Karaoke party for which Flo volunteered Rebecca to sing having complimented her on her singing to Keeley earlier. Rebecca sung Frozen song "Let It Go" to the players and staff much to their delight, apart from Ted Lasso who had a panic attack during the performance due to pressures of divorcing his wife, Michelle. Rebecca comforted Ted during this episode and Ted appreciated this, sending her a thank you text later that evening.

Playing games[]

Having returned from the party in Liverpool and her one night stand with Geoff, it was back to business for Rebecca who had a meeting with shareholders dubbed the Milk Sisters. Due to her not looking forward to the meeting, she brought along Ted for some moral support. When they entered The Crown & Anchor pub, they found Rupert and Bex were there. Here it was revealed that Bex had bought the shares from the sisters and that this was all a plot for Rupert to gain back some control of AFC Richmond. Feeling appalled by this, Ted opted to play darts with Rupert with the bet that if Ted won, Rupert would not join Rebecca in the owner's box to humiliate her. Ted duly won the game, winning the bet, much to Rebecca's delight.

Back in her office, Higgins announced to Rebecca that the club would have 10,000 empty seats for their next game. Rebecca thought this was good and wanted to open the seats up to the visitors, Manchester City F.C., which Rebecca thought would annoy Rupert. Higgins was angry with this, unhappy with Rebecca's game with Rupert to get the one up on him. Higgins quit his job then and there. Soon after, Keeley entered Rebecca's office to reveal that she and Roy had discovered it was Rebecca who hired the paparazzi photographer to snap pictures of Keeley and Ted in order to humiliate him. Keeley said that if Rebecca did not reveal the truth to Ted, she would.

A date[]

After another draw in the Championship, Rebecca had to deal with a tragic event that unfolded during the game. Later, she worked with Keeley to find someone to go out with, eventually leading towards John Wingsnight. Rebecca and he went on a double date with Keeley and Roy where they drank and told stories.

Bonding time[]

Sassy left her daughter, Nora, with Rebecca while Sassy went to a conference in Brighton. This allowed Rebecca some bonding time with her goddaughter. It started out a bit roughly with Rebecca taking Nora to places too young for her, but after meeting Roy Kent and Phoebe, Rebecca understood what she had to do to bond with Nora.

She offered Nora the chance to watch some scary movies with her and to also go to work with her tomorrow. Much to Rebecca’s surprise, Nora was really excited about this and was really excited. With the help of Nora, Rebecca had the courage to say no to a friend who wanted her to let Sam Obisanya go after he refused to wear the Dubai Air logo.

Meeting her match[]

Rebecca chatted to her mystery man on Bantr and eventually the pair met at a restaurant called Le Tucci. Initially, Rebecca met Sam Obisanya there and she thought it was just a coincidence. Eventually though, she realised she had been talking to Sam on Bantr all along and she felt embarrassed and that she was grooming Sam. Eventually though, she was persuaded by Sam to stay and they enjoyed dinner together. When Sam walked Rebecca home, she said she should go in alone and she did, but not before kissing Sam.

Later, after Richmond’s loss to Manchester City, she texted Sam asking if he was around. After he gave her his address, Rebecca opened the door to leave but was met by Sam at that door. The pair embraced and shut the door to Rebecca’s house.