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Roy is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. A champions league winner with Chelsea FC 8 years ago, Roy was once considered as one of the league's top players but, whilst he is still a widely respected fan favorite, has seen his talents decline as he approaches the end of his career, something he is conscious of.

Playing for AFC Richmond[]

He was team captain for AFC Richmond and is respectful to up and coming players. When Ted Lasso joined the club as head coach, he wanted to develop Roy into a proper leader, including encouraging him to sort out issues of teasing and misbehavior among the players, such as antagonizing Nathan, the club's kit man.

Involvement with niece, Phoebe[]

At Richmond Primary School, Roy joined Ted in working with pupils in football related activities. Roy's niece, Phoebe, goes to that school and he and Ted helped her through the activities. Roy and Ted stayed at the school longer than the Headmaster had ever seen before, although Roy expressed frustration at Ted's games to make him become a leader and he also expressed his disliking for Trent Crimm.

Relationship with Keeley[]

Due to fights and general friction between Roy and Jamie, Ted decided to sort this out at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children. Here, after talking things out throughout the evening, Roy and Jamie learned to respect each other more.

With Keeley breaking up with Jamie Tartt, Roy started developing feelings for her and eventually walked her home after the karaoke party the team attended after AFC Richmond beat Everton F.C. 1-0 at Goodison Park. They kissed outside Keeley's hotel room before he made his way back to his room.

After resolving some internal conflict regarding his feelings for Keeley and his hatred for Jamie, Roy eventually decided - with the help of the Diamond Dogs - to put the hatred aside and start seeing Keeley regularly. After taking her out, a paparazzi photographer caught them kissing. Roy snatched the memory card with the photos on off him. When examining the photos, he and Keeley discovered images of Keeley and Ted on there which the photographer revealed were commissioned by Rebecca.

Life Post-AFC Richmond[]

The now-retired Roy Kent coached the West London Under 9 Girls football team, and had his bad language and aggressive approach to coaching pointed out to him by another adult. His girlfriend, Keeley, was very eager for Roy to take up the role of pundit for Sky Sports which Roy refused.

At a dinner with Keeley, Rebecca and her boyfriend, John Wingsnight, Roy did not want to talk about him being a pundit on Sky Sports or his past career choices. He also pointed out to Rebecca at the end of the evening after John had left that Rebecca deserves more than someone “fine” to be with.

One evening while Keeley was leaving Nelson Road Stadium, Roy was sat at home on Yoga Mums night and watched Lust Conquers All. Roy was disgusted to see Jamie Tartt appeared on the show, and had his glass topped up.

The West London Under 9 Girls lost their game and Roy made clear to the team they need to learn from this and used some bad language which he was once again warned about. He gave the girls a box of trophies to route through to find one they wanted.

Later, the idea for being a pundit was brought up to Roy by Keeley and Roy eventually conceded to trying it out. With this, he appeared on Gillette Soccer Saturday as a pundit alongside Chris Kamara and George Cartrick with Jeff Stelling as host. Despite his bad language being questioned, Roy’s punditry was met with positive acclaim.

Helping Out[]

Roy met Ted in a kebab shop where Ted brought up the idea of Roy helping Isaac who was struggling with Captaining at Richmond. Roy was initially reluctant to do this, citing how happy he was being a pundit. He did eventually agree to help however and he met Isaac and Ted at the place he grew up and played football. He had a key message for Isaac - have fun.

A book Roy became interested in was The Da Vinci Code, citing how short the chapters were, meaning he could never put it down. During workdays, Roy would encounter Keeley talking with colleagues about him but he wasn’t interested in knowing why. When Keeley snapped at Roy for getting into her life too much, Roy realised that is what Keeley was talking to her colleagues about. He stormed out the house and avoided Keeley later at work. One day however at their house, he gave Keeley a hot bath and left her in peace which is what she wanted.

Becoming a positive influence[]

Roy and Phoebe were called into school by Miss Bowen due to concerns surrounding Phoebe swearing. Her teacher suggested that it was Roy influencing her, due to the language he uses on a frequent basis. Right could not believe this, but reluctantly conceded that he would help Phoebe stop swearing. Later in the car, Roy said to Phoebe that she had to stop swearing, and Phoebe said they should both stop together. Roy found this very hard and he said that Phoebe is better than him. He went into the house with Phoebe to play a game of “Princess and Dragon”. Roy said yes, and asks if he could play the Dragon this time.

From Arlo White's cheat sheet (Man City match):

  • Reports suggest he'll be on the bench
  • Captain / 3 goals / 9 assists / 1 own goal
  • England Int'l - But last cap (appearance) was England's humiliating defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016
  • Sunderland Academy product


  • During the karaoke party to celebrate Richmond's victory over Everton, Roy knew the words to Frozen song "Let It Go", performed by Rebecca Welton.
  • Roy's football chant is "He's here, he's there, he's every-fucking-where. Roy Kent!"