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Dr Sharon Fieldstone is a character featured in the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. She is a sports psychologist who is brought in to help AFC Richmond player, Dani Rojas, after a tragic event during a penalty causes him to question whether “Football is life”. Once she worked with Dani, she started working with other Richmond players who found it beneficial. It is revealed that she is multilingual, as she speaks Spanish to Dani and French to Zoreaux.

Continuing to see players for sessions, Sharon offered to speak to Ted whenever he needed help. Ted declined this. However, when Ted had to leave the FA Cup quarter-final game against Tottenham Hotspur, he went into Sharon’s office and waited for her. Sharon saw Ted that night and for later sessions. Initially Ted was very dubious about seeing Sharon and indeed stormed out of an early session, citing how Sharon and other therapists didn’t care about their clients and just did it for the money. Sharon said to Ted in a later session that she took offence to this, citing that Ted would coach for free but he does not. She is no different. With this, Ted apologised, and they continued their sessions.

Expressing her feelings[]

Sharon was chatting to her therapist Bridget on the phone about Ted when she left the house on her bike to go to work. On the way, she was involved in an accident with a car and was sent to hospital with a concussion. Ted went to meet her and she reluctantly conceded to going back to her house with Ted on doctor’s rules that state that those with concussion must be accompanied home. When they arrived at her house, Sharon quickly ushered Ted out but appreciated his phone call that came later. She revealed that she was scared today and that riding a bike was normally something she enjoyed. Ted also made her laugh which surprised him.