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Theodore "Ted" Lasso is a coach plucked from an obscure, college-level American football team in Kansas to coach in the Premier League in England: AFC Richmond

His main goals for the clubs and teams he coaches fall within the ambitions of the somewhat controversial "Ted Lasso Way". That is, he primarily seeks to help the players grow both on and off the pitch, and aims to inspire them to grow as people.

Coming to England[]

Ted had never watched soccer before and had never stepped foot in the UK before receiving this job. Upon arriving in the UK, Ted wanted to visit the sites such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge. He also had to get used to UK customs and likes, such as tea being more readily available than coffee.

Upon meeting the club's new owner, Rebecca, Ted was offered tea instead of his preferred option, coffee, and he intermediately disliked it. Furthermore, upon examining the players train and speaking to the press, it became apparent he was unaware of the rules of soccer in the UK, such as the offside rule and terminology such as "in touch" rather than "out of bounds". He also said Snooker, a popular British billiards game, sounded like a brand of cookies.

The Ted Lasso Way[]

In order to get a flavor of Ted's management style at AFC Richmond, Trent Crimm shadowed Ted during an average day coaching the club. Throughout the day, Trent could see coaching players meant a great deal to Ted. During a visit to Richmond Primary School, Trent saw Ted work with the children and they went to an Indian restaurant afterwards to continue their conversations. After the days shadowing, Ted noted that he really enjoyed spending the day with Trent. The next day, Trent wrote an article mostly praising Ted, much to the dismay of Rebecca Welton.

After a while at the club, Ted noticed some tension between Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent. He noted how they were dividing the locker room and how fights seemed to ensue on a frequent basis. Despite talking with both Jamie and Roy, the fighting continued so Ted decided to try and rectify the situation at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children. Here, he sat Roy and Jamie at the same table as him to see if he could help them work out their differences. During the event, the pair gradually spoke to one another more resulting in a better relationship between the two.

Also during this event, Ted wanted to help Rebecca organize the event and overcome difficulties with her husband unexpectedly attending the event. She confided in Ted how she felt about her husband and how she was the only one who could see who he really was. With this, Ted spoke to her husband, Rupert Mannion, and Ted insinuated that Rupert had intentionally cancelled a Robbie Williams appearance at the event in order to get back at Rebecca. After observing Rupert during the event, Ted was able to tell Rebecca that he could also see who Rupert really was and she wasn't the only one.

Putting his family first[]

Before AFC Richmond's game against Watford F.C., Ted's wife, Michelle, and son, Henry, had come to pay him a visit. Ted was very pleased to see them and took them out to The Crown & Anchor. The next morning, Ted noticed Michelle was crying and upon asking why, she revealed she was having problems with their marriage and that she did not feel the same way about Ted as she had when they first met. Having initially worked through this and worked through issues with a dysfunctional relationship between the club's players, Ted came to a decision. Having beaten Watford F.C. and overcome difficulties among the relationships between the players, Ted wanted to console Michelle. He offered her the chance to not feel trapped in their marriage and to move on with life. Through tears, the couple parted as Michelle and Henry headed back home.

A team player[]

As AFC Richmond continued to develop, Ted could still see that Jamie was not a team player and was making games about him. To try to remedy this, Ted used returning player, Dani Rojas, as a way of bringing the best out of Jamie. Dani had joined the club in the summer transfer window but was immediately injured so could not play at the start of the season. When training went ahead and the players saw how Dani could play, they were amazed at how good he was and Ted knew this would cause Jamie to rethink his position.

After Jamie would not attend a practice session, Ted became very frustrated and he made Jamie lay out cones for reserve players to practice with. This was to the dismay of Jamie and again made him rethink what he wanted to do. After bringing Jamie back onside, Ted was disgusted to see Jamie had been recalled back to Manchester City F.C. who had loaned Jamie to AFC Richmond. Ted suspected Rebecca had something to do with this.

Building new relationships[]

Now separated from his wife, Ted had to take the next formal step of signing divorce paperwork. Michelle was keen to get this done sooner rather than later so both she and Ted could move on. The stress of this caused Ted to have a panic attack at a karaoke party but he did eventually sign the paperwork. Feeling mentally fragile, the night he signed the paperwork, he slept with Rebecca's friend Sassy while in Liverpool.

Feeling guilty about this, he confided in Beard, Higgins, and Nathan about how he felt uncomfortable having a one night stand which he never had before. After the trio made him feel better about this given that he was divorced and that he enjoyed himself, the four of them together formed a new relationship guidance group called the Diamond Dogs. This group helped to see Roy through his relationship troubles with Keeley.

Ted also continued developing a positive relationship with Rebecca and when they entered The Crown and Anchor to meet with shareholders, Rebecca was shocked to see Rupert had managed to restore some ownership of AFC Richmond. Having had his fiancee, Bex, buy shares in AFC Richmond with his financial backing, he now had influence on the club. With Rupert threatening to join Rebecca in the owner's box at Nelson Road Stadium during games, Ted challenged Rupert to a darts game with the understanding that if he won, Rupert would not enter the owner's box during games. Ted duly won the game, settling the bet much to Rebecca's delight.

A guest[]

After relegation from the Premier League, Ted continued to manage AFC Richmond in the Championship. His side started the season with seven draws, and Ted faced pressure from the press about this. Was able to overcome this and still had faith in his team.

After Dani suffered trauma from a penalty that had led to a tragic event, the “Diamond Dogs” congregated, and agreed that a sports psychologist should be brought in to help Dani. Dr Sharon Fieldstone was brought in for this role, and Ted was initially unsure of her after some bad experiences with a therapist in his past. He became more dubious as she saw more players from his team as well.

Tough Decisions[]

Dr Fieldstone continued to watch AFC Richmond train and Ted noted she moved closer to him every time he turned his head. Ted grew more curious about Sharon overall, and paid visits to her including bringing her biscuits, though he discovered that she did not eat sugar.

Later, in the pub, Ted sat down with Jamie and the latter asked to head about the possibilities of rejoining Richmond. Ted said to Jamie at the time that this was a bad idea, and also said as much to Sam after a photo with Ted and Jamie leaked. Later however, Jamie Tartt walked on to the Nelson Road pitch as a player, with Sam looking on at Ted.

In order to attempt to bring Jamie on side, Ted opted to bring in an alter-ego of his, much to the dismay of Beard. Ted Lasso’s alter-ego was known as “Led Tasso” and the aim was to turn the team against him rather than Jamie in the hope of helping Jamie build that relationship with the team better.

Reaching out[]

Ted could see Isaac struggling with being captain at Richmond and decided he needed some help. With this, he reached out to Roy Kent at a kebab shop and managed to persuade a reluctant Roy Kent to help out. He, along with Isaac, met Roy at the place he grew up and used to play football. Ted watched on as Roy coached Isaac with the message of having fun.

Confronting the problem[]

The coaching staff at Richmond were unsure how to use Jamie, especially after Roy refused to coach Jamie initially. Ted made sure he made Roy aware that he is paid to coach the entire team. Later Ted received a phone call from his son’s school saying his son forgot his lunch. Ted had to point them towards Michelle but she was pulling up at the school as he said that.

Ted went with Rebecca and Keeley to have lunch with Rebecca’s mum, Deborah, where they spoke about her separation from her husband.

Later, Ted went to AFC Richmond’s FA Cup quarter-final against Tottenham Hotspur and Richmond took the lead. Later though, Ted had to leave the pitch citing stomach issues to the rest of the coaching team. Not long afterwards, Tottenham equalised. After the game, Ted was inside Sharon’s office wanting to book an appointment.

Old wounds[]

Sharon was injured in a car accident while she was on her bike, and Ted went to collect her from hospital. Sharon reluctantly agreed to Ted taking her back to her house in line with hospital protocols. Ted wanted to stay and talk more, but was ushered out by Sharon.

Before the FA Cup semi-final game against Manchester City, Ted revealed to Beard, Nate, Roy, and Higgins that he had not suffered from food poisoning at the Tottenham Hotspur game, rather he left due to a panic attack. He had been doing breathing exercises before the semi-final to try to calm himself down. During the game, he tried to bring the team back up after Manchester city scored each of their four goals and in the end Richmond lost.

After the game, Jamie’s father came in to gloat to him and to the players. Ted watched on at this and was horrified. When Beard escorted Jamie’s father out of the dressing room, Ted went outside to phone Sharon to tell her that his father had killed himself when he was 16 which badly affected him and his mum. He was offered the chance to talk about this with Sharon and then and there, but he declined, instead opting to go back into the stadium.


Lasso was known to be interested in wordplay and making unusual metaphors — both for pure fun and in order to teach his players a lesson in a memorable way. He often played these word games with Coach Beard, as they once did while walking in a greenspace:

Lasso: What if I joined forces with a swashbuckling cat to play tiny guitars with women of the night as we watched Alex Haley's most seminal work?
Beard: You'd be in cahoots with Puss in Boots, playing lutes for prostitutes, reading Roots.

He was particularly fond of expressing his opinions about food. After landing in Richmond, he also became immediately fascinated with often basic differences between British and American English. Some of these included: