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Thierry Zoreaux is a recurring character featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso, and a goalkeeper for AFC Richmond. He is seen with other team members and even participates in group activities such as karaoke and dancing in clubs. He usually hang out with other players such as Richard Montlaur, Dani Rojas, Moe Bumbercatch, Jan Maas, Isaac McAdoo, Sam Obisanya, and Colin Hughes.

He notably subbed for an injured O'Brien in the match against Everton F.C., a team that perennially plagued Richmond. Nevertheless, he was able to keep them scoreless in Richmond's 1-0 victory. Ever since then, he has been the goal keeper for the rest of the series while Tom sitting on the bench with the rest of inactive players.

Ted Lasso has some difficulty wrapping his tongue around the proper French pronunciation of his name, repeatedly calling him "Zorro", rather than "Zoreaux".

When Dani got injured, the team thinks the Nelson Road Stadium treatment room is cursed by an errant "Curse". Ted asks everyone to contribute an item of value to honour the young men who enlisted the army and fight World War I and being treated in the treatment room. Thierry contributes a wrestler action figure and throws it into a bin before they set it on fire outside.

During the Trick Plays meeting, he suggested a trick called 'Midnight Poutine' as one of the elaborate set pieces, which Coach Beard said it's super Canadian.

During a match against Manchester City F.C., their Captain Isaac, tells everyone to do the 'Lasso Special'; a form of American Football elaborate play, in which Thierry positioned himself as a Quarterback and tells everyone to be ready in motion. Football commentators Arlo White and Chris Powell are confused to see and hear him yelling "numbers and colors". Their tactic works well when Dani scores a goal and temporarily manage to keep everything in a draw. Unfortunately, the team lost the match. After their loss and the club being relegated, Ted acknowledges Thierry for his relentless goal keeping, and made it hard for the other team to score some goals.

Leslie Higgins invited Thierry and some of the team members for a Christmas dinner, so he brings a bowl of poutine. He, Dani, and the youngest child of Higgins' clan are playing a nerf war. During his dinner speech, Higgins acknowledge Thierry's hometown and other team players' countries, that it is an honor to have everyone share their traditions and make new ones.

After hearing that Rebecca Welton's father died, Isaac tells everyone that they need to go to the funeral as a team; therefore everyone needs to dress suitably and not wear trainers. Thierry suggests that they should wear bright red Yeezy shoes, but Isaac just glares at him. At the church, Thierry sing along with Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" as a sign of empathy, together with the team. After the wake, Thierry thanked Deborah for the meal.

He is close with many of the team players, notably those who are from outside of England. He is shown to have a lot of support and loyalty towards his fellow team members. He sometimes translates what Richard has to say from French, especially when the Frenchman is angry. He is very happy whenever someone is speaking in French-Canadian, such as Sharon Fieldstone while they are in therapy session.

During the match against Brentford FC for a place back in the Premier League, the coaches ask whether they should keep using the 'False Nine' elaborate set piece by Nathan Shelley. Jan Maas says that the tactic works and the team is capable of executing it. He adds that he'd never lie to everyone, because he always speak the truth - and then Jan criticizes Thierry about his goalkeeping despite his protest.

Thierry is one of the tallest players in the AFC Richmond with Paul Reynolds, Thierry Zoreaux, Tyler Shannon, Jack Dawkins, O'Brien, Gareth Canterbury, Babatunde, and Tommy Winchester.

From Arlo White's cheat sheet:

  • Former Montreal Impact in MLS
  • Missed 8 months of season through injury - returned in March
  • 1 clean sheet (no goals allowed): in the win at Everton
  • Is a HUGE Terrell Owens fan (hence #81)


According to actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour in an interview, he thinks that his character is Jewish, just like him in real life. He hopes the writers would write his religion and his culture as parts of the character.