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"Trent Crimm: The Independent" is the third episode of season one of the Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. It premiered on August 14, 2020.


Rebecca pairs cynical journalist Trent Crimm with Ted for a day for an in-depth exposé. Meanwhile, Ted and Roy go out into the community where we see another side of Roy.


Trent Crimm, from The Independent, does a personal profile of Ted Lasso. Ted invites Trent to accompany him, Coach Beard, and Roy Kent to a meeting for schoolchildren to inspire them on their futures.

Later, Trent asks him some questions about his coaching desires and why he would take on coaching AFC Richmond despite knowing nothing about the sport or the U.K. in general. The two get into some of the details while enjoying an extra spicy dinner at an Indian restaurant.

During dinner, Ted tells Trent that he just wants to make the players better people, both on and off the field. He’s not as concerned with winning and losing. The entire conversation takes place as Ted consumes extremely spicy food, hot enough that Trent can’t eat anymore so Ted volunteers to eat it so as not to offend his friend Ollie, the waiter and son of the owner/chef.

All of this is documented in Trent’s profile. He ultimately admits that while he does think Ted will fail as the coach of the team, he can’t help but root for him from the sidelines. When Higgins reads the article to Rebecca, she lets out a scream of frustration.

Keeley and Ted find out about the photos that are planned to leak in The Sun showing them together. They go to Rebecca for help and she assures them she can contact The Sun‘s owner and have the piece pulled.

Rebecca shows Keeley an old photo of her sunbathing on a yacht to the model and Keeley is genuinely in awe of Rebecca’s physique.

In the locker room, Roy starts to get irritated when he notices how much Nate gets picked on by Jamie and his buddies on the team. Later, Ted and Beard actually use one of Nate’s plays on the field, one that results in Sam scoring goals and Jamie playing a decoy. It works out well.

Jamie starts taking out his irritation on Nate, to the point Roy confronts Ted and asks why he’s just letting it happen. Ted pretends like he doesn’t care, but it’s part of a plan for him to push Roy into being a better leader and taking control of the situation. Roy tries to get Jamie to back off.

Jamie says he will but then just tells his friends to go even harder on Nate. Later, after reading some of A Wrinkle in Time to Phoebe, Roy takes the story’s central meaning to heart and takes a legitimate stand against Jamie. Confronting him at a night club, he demands Jamie back off from Nate before storming out.

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